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Makeachampion update

As I promised here is couple more pictures, courtesy of CCC and Nordic Focus.

This one is from Team Relay, Devon Kershaw was on the first leg, Alex Harvey 2nd, I did 3rd, and Graeme Killick finished it off on 13th place. It wasn't result we were hoping for and to be honest I really think we were capable of fighting for the top spots, but that day snow conditions were very tricky for waxing, so we had a problem with kick on first two classic legs and a bit of the glide struggle on the skate part.

Not going to get into details, but sometimes it's impossible to compete with other countries that have a budget for wax, technicians and testers, 10 times bigger than what we have at this moment, and on the tricky waxing day it really shows.

Of course all of us were disappointing with the result, not only skiers but all the support team, but we have to stay positive and look forward to the next races and try to do better next weekend.

Our Team just arrived to Davos, SUI, to get ready for the next racing weekend, which would include 30km individual skate race and a Skate 1.4km sprint. I will focus in 30km race of course, skip sprint race and actually go back to Canada to spend Christmas Eve with my family, recharge and come back for the Tour de Ski.

Also I'd like to point out that, thank to Make a Champion guys, I've extended my campaign for one more week, hoping to get closer to my fundraising goal.

Thank you for reading and following.

 This photo was taken during 30km Pursuit, were we put 4 guys into the points!!! It was very fun racing along side my teammates.

On the photo: Greame Killick is leading out "train", followed by Dario Cologna SUI, Devon Kershaw and myself #37.


Campaign update

My racing season in Europe is started this weekend in Galivare with a classic sprint on Saturday and 15km individual skate today (Sunday).

I'm not a sprinter but decided to race sprint anyway mostly for training purposes :)

But 15km skate is one of my favorite type of ski racing, and I was hoping to start this season on a good note. I finished 8th a 1 minute and 38 seconds back off the leader Sergey Ustiugov. He is one of the strongest Russian skiers and won few World Cup races before. To be honest I'm not very happy with way I paced myself, maybe I didn't have enough time to get over a jet lag but I lost most of my time on the last 5km of the race, I'll try not to repeat this mistake next weekend.

  • image3

    Frosty and cold. 15km Gallivare

    Photo Credit  Yngve Johansson

  • image4



It's been almost a week since I've started this campaign, not going to lie it's taking waaay more time than I expected, but I have to keep it running, and keep making it fun for you guys as well. Thank you all for sharing, re-tweeting and re-posting my updates on your social media websites! ome very "large" websites shared my video and this link, sites like and and I really appreciate it. So far I got 3700 visitors to this page, and raised 26% out my 100% goal, huge THANK YOU to all of those who contributed and donated!

In few days, I'll be departing to Europe to start final preparation for the first World Cup races which would take place in Kuusamo, Finland. I'm nervous but excited.

This is all for now.

Thank you for the support.

Stay tuned for more.




Hi guys,

Feels like its time for a quick update :)

It's been few days now that I started Makeachamp campaign. It got a lot of interest (mostly because if the awesome video made by my friend Russel, thanks buddy!), shares and likes, and few people contributed. I'm only at 3% of my goal, but I'm extremely grateful to those who donated.

I think I should mention their names here:

Olga Hohmann, Ted Kalil, Jess Kryski, Rob MacEwen and Jamie Coatsworth! Thank you guys!!!

Only after my campaign went live I realize how hard it is to run it and how much time it consumes, but don't worry I don't skip any training. :)

Now it is very important time for all of the skiers, we finally start skiing, or looking for place to ski, to make final adjustments to ski technique and get as much hours of training on snow.

Luckily for me, Canmore Nordic Center store some snow from past year in order to lay it out in the fall, so we can start skiing (home) as early as possible. Also it's been below 0c last couple of days, and that means guns are working full power.

  • image6
     First snow in Canmore


Summer of 2015

    Iím writing this down on the last day of the ďPark CityĒ training camp. Itís been pretty hard three weeks of training at the altitude in Park city / Salt Lake City area. This day is pretty important, itís kind of iconic even, and it summons up all of summerís hard work, every brutal intensity, countless hours on the trails and in the gym, sweat and blood, if you will.
Now, I look back on that time block from April to October, and trying to figure it out if Iíve done enough, worked hard enough to be ready for the upcoming season, compare this training year to some past years when I had good results. The thing is Ė you just never know, how I would feel in couple of month when Iíll be racing my butt off in Europe.
Summer went by fast, this year, I spent way more time training home in Canmore, compare to past years. One of the highlights was a visit of my good friend and Sochi Olympics Bronze medalist, Ilia Chernousov. He wanted to get used to training, racing and just spent more time in Canmore, since it host of the World Cup finals, AKA Tour of Canada in the upcoming season. This was a big bonus for me, here in North America we donít get to train with Europeans that often, especially in the summer period, so it was pretty cool to have him in Canmore as a training partner, and compare my speed and strength to someone that is not my teammate.
Our team has been coming to Utah for training in the fall in the past 6 years, and there is a few reasons why. First of all, countless miles of great trails, road and canyons for running, biking and rollerskiing, and weather this time of the year is perfect. In the three week period we got only couple of days of raining, other than that itís very dry, sunny and warm.
This camp showed that Iím in pretty good shape, and I could ďdigestĒ pretty easily big load of training hours, alongside with hard intensities and strength at the gym.  On one of the last days of the camp, team had a skate Sprint Prologue followed by 15km Skate time trial at the famous Soldier Hollow. I did surprisingly well at the sprint - 3rd place, only 1sec behind  winner Alex Harvey and 2nd place, 5 second behind (again) Alex at the distance race. I know it doesnít mean much, but still gives me a bit more confidence before actual races begins in November.
In about a month, Iíll be traveling to Europe to get final preparation for the World Cup racing.
Iíll keep you posted.
Wish me luck. :)




  • image7
    One of the first days. 
  • image8
    Coaches and techs
  • image9

  • image10
    No comment :)
  • image11
    Riding bike by Olympic Ski Jumps
  • image12
    Some of the rollerskinig we were finishing at altitude of 3300m
  • image13

  • image14

  • image15

  • image16
    Loving rollerski tracks at Soldier Hollow.

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